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Megan Hinton

Paintings, Drawings, and Prints

Artist by Philip Guston

Recently I started drawing again on a daily basis. After doing a full body of paintings for an exhibition this summer I need a temporary break from painting. I want to distance myself briefly from the formality and physicality of painting.

I continue to look at Philip Guston’s work. He was Neo-Realist or New Image painter who did a major body of paintings and drawings between the 1940s and 1970s in America. His drawings are simple linear ink attempts that plant the viewer into an abstracted reality portraying the human condition. Shoe souls, sleeping beings, and a single hand holding a cigarette are some of the images he portrayed in a mainly  monochrome red palette. His association with the New York abstract expresssionists  of the mid 20th century influenced the process oriented aspect of his work. Quick lyrical painterly marks make up these compositions.

I see Guston’s drawings as a guide for my own. For the first time I’m relying on internal imagery to draw representational subjects. So far I’ve depicted piles of buoys in charcoal, dark ink splotted sea ponds, and a swimmer  in gesteral ink marks moving through a field of white gouache paint. The material application and the imaginary imagery leads to abstraction.

The drawings are informal. I’m able to stack them on top of each other. If one is not successful it’s possible to move onto a new drawing immediately and discover something that’s working. I plan to have a pile of drawings finished before starting the next series of paintings.

Pile by Megan Hinton, charcoal on paper


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